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Covid-19 Update as of 23 September, 2020

Hello everyone,

The LHPA Committee/Basement Steering Group have been taking advice and giving due consideration to the Covid-19 situation. We are all volunteers. Nevertheless, the Committee will do their best to continue servicing the needs of Lothian House during this unprecedented period. A number of changes are being made which take this into account, including understanding the LHPA’s insurance and statutory obligations.


The following is what has been decided:

1. THE LOTHIAN HOUSE LEISURE SUITE: The Leisure Suite will REMAIN CLOSED until further notice, effective from 6am on Wednesday 18 March 2020. During the closure period, the swimming pool is being maintained by our Leisure Facilities Manager to it’s recommended minimum chemicals and circulation; the water and air temperatures in the pool hall have been lowered. The Sauna and Steam Room are turned off.   This is the most effective way to maintain the pool and will help to reduce running costs.  Any Leisure Suite members who are paying Maintenance Levies will of course not be charged for the period the facilities are unavailable in these circumstances. If tenant members wish to withdraw their memberships they may apply to the LHPA, [email protected] for the refund of their deposits, as per the contractual agreements. As the LHPA cannot currently comply with Scottish Government re-opening guidelines, these facilities must REMAIN CLOSED. These circumstances will be reviewed from time to time.

2. OPEN OFFICE SESSIONS: The LHPA’s regular sessions CEASED as of 17 March 2020 and will not be reinstated until it is safe to do so. Please contact the committee members by email [email protected]   or telephone the Duty Mobile  07305-474-061   OR landline 0131-466-6759 between 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. (The landline will divert to the LHPA's Duty Phone.) Regrettably, the LHPA is not able to provide any after-hours emergency service.

3. METER READINGS: Please send an email to this dedicated address [email protected] and a committee member will take the reading and email it back to you. If you require electric meter top-ups, please email [email protected] and arrangements will be made for this. 

         *PLEASE NOTE: requests for these meter readings and top-ups MUST be sent to the LHPA by 5pm each Wednesday and then this will be dealt with asap within the next few days after that. (A committee member is trying to read the meters on Thursdays).  However, the LHPA cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions – this is a good faith offer during this worldwide health crisis. 

4. ROOFTOP WORKS ACCESS:  If you require URGENT roof works access, please email [email protected] and tell us what is required and when. We will endeavour to meet your roof access needs, if possible.

5. DOOR FOBS:  If your fob is not working or you need a new one, please email  [email protected]  and we will investigate the situation.  If applicable, please include the colour of the fob you are contacting the LHPA about.

6. CLEANING: The cleaners will continue to clean the main building and laundry on a daily basis and attend to refuse disposal etc as close to normal as possible, however they are working reduced hours and are on a reduced cleaning schedule. Attention is mostly being paid to common areas where people are transiting throughout the building.  Please allow the cleaners to get on with their work undisturbed. 

7. REFUSE DISPOSAL: If you have, or suspect you have, Covid-19 and require help with your refuse disposal, please email [email protected] and we will assist you if possible. Generally however, everyone in the building MUST ensure their rubbish bags are tied up tightly so that waste cannot escape accidentally and please do not put any potentially contaminated waste into the bin store.

8. FINANCES:  The LHPA will be able to continue to pay its bills, but procedures will be amended to allow that to be done remotely during this crisis.  The Quarterly Accounts for Common Charges will be done remotely too, in conjunction with the accountant, so the LHPA’s financial affairs will be ‘business as usual’.

9. CROSS-CONTAMINATION REDUCTION: We ask all folks in the building to please MINIMIZE the areas you touch when coming and going including buzzer buttons, handrails, door push plates, lift buttons and indeed all hard surfaces. If you are fit and healthy, please use the stairs and leave the lifts free for those who need them more. Only ONE person (or one household) should be in either lift at any one time. Face coverings must be worn within all the common areas of Lothian House, as these are enclosed spaces without ventilation. 

10. SOCIAL DISTANCING:  The corridors are only about 1 metre wide, so please use the fire exit corridor and the lift lobby areas when passing people in the building. It is important to observe the 2 metre social distancing rules to help reduce the spread of the virus.  Also, please understand that at this terrible time, the cleaners do not want to be placed at any greater risk by thoughtless actions. Please don't stop to chat with them meanwhile either, as it makes them feel uncomfortable.

11. FACE COVERINGS:  MUST be worn within the common areas of Lothian House, as this is a public enclosed space with inadequate space for proper social distancing and no mechanical ventilation system.

Please treat these matters seriously, they are important to preserve everyone's safety.  We hope everyone will stay safe and well and that we will all get through this period unscathed.  Pulling together will help us all achieve the best results, so please check on your neighbours .... and even more so if they may need some practical help and reassurance.

Thank you for your understanding,

Jenny Stevenson

Chair, LHPA


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